Articulate 360 - Storyline Video publishing

May 22, 2018

Hello Team,

I recently got Articulate 360 and i m currently publishing a course to a video and i noticed a 15 - 16 slide course which includes images, audio, videos takes about 4+ hours for publishing in video format!  which is unimaginable! is it really like that or is it only me who is facing this issue? Is there anything that i can do make this faster?



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Joe Tansengco


May I suggest trying to lower the resolution images and videos before publishing, as these factors significantly effect the time it takes to publish a project. If you are inserting videos in high definition format, you may wish to scale them down in order to lower the file size, the same with images. You may have to download some software, or browse online for free tools that can do these things for you. Basically, publishing images and videos to a video format means that the application itself is converting all those media files to one video, so the sizes of the files that it needs to convert will affect the time it takes to complete. 

If you feel like the lengthy duration is not due to the multimedia files that you are inserting, then may I suggest taking a look at your task manager, specifically the performance tab to see if your CPU is hitting 100% usage. You may need to close some applications in order to free up computer resources. 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Akhil,

I'm sorry you've had some challenges publishing your files to video - 4 hours is quite long, and not what I'd expect! Our team has been looking into a few similar examples, where it was taking a long time or causing Storyline to crash so it would be helpful to have your .story file as well!  If you can share it with me here, upload using the Add Attachment button and I'll get that to our team while they keep testing.

If you'd prefer to share privately (outside of ELH) you can always upload to our Support team here. You can mention this discussion so that they know it may be the same situation I described! 

Beth Elliott

I, too, am facing this problem. I sent my file to the Storyline team, and they were able to Publish it in 45 minutes. We compared computer specs and thought it was a processor or graphics card issue. So, I was able to get my hands on a computer with an i7, 16GB RAM, and a dedicated graphics card. It seemed to go well for the first handful of slides, but then it slowed considerably (it has been encoding this same slide for more than 35 minutes now!!).

Beth Elliott

We discovered today that if we use a fresh machine that is not imaged for our company that we are able to Publish the same file in about an hour (compared to 4+ hours). MUCH better! Are there any thoughts on what we should be looking for on our company machines that may be slowing down the process?