Articulate 360 trial expired in 2 days due to a glitch

Nov 09, 2020


I had signed for Articulate 360 trial on the 6th of Nov. The support team sent a message on 7th, stating the expiry date as 5th Jan 21.

After viewing some online training videos on 9th, I could not logon again. My desktop SL360 and Articulate app gave a "trial expired" message. I have tried logging in directly through the web browser to my account, but received the same message.

I also checked my account through my iPad, but the message is consistent.

A request to support@articulate received the following unhelpful response from Amlan Dey:

"Thanks for reaching out! Adjusting the date/time on your computer can cause your free trial to expire early. This is a security measure to prevent software piracy. If you adjusted the date/time and your trial expired too soon, we recommend installing a new trial on a different computer. Reinstalling the software on the same computer won't restart the free trial. (Download links provided)"

"If your full trial period has already elapsed, you'll be prompted to purchase a subscription or activate with a serial number to continue using your software. Let me know if you need any help with that, and I'll have a sales representative contact you."

My Windows laptop is near new and auto synced for date and time. In any case, in this day and age, date/time adjustment on the local machine shouldn't be an issue anyway.

I'm concerned that the only suggestion I have received is to get a new trial and change my laptop too!

Can someone please escalate this matter to the appropriate tech team for investigation? Any help is appreciated!



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