Articulate 360 trial limitations?

Jun 12, 2019

Hello all,

I have begun a 60 day Articulate 360 trial in order to create a LMS training POC for my team. My company already subscribes to a group license, but I am with a different team, hence the reason why I am using a trial. 

First, I was disappointed to learn that I cannot use Rise 360 templates created with the licensed account. When a member of the licensed team attempted to share a template ("Send a copy via email"), they received a message, "Failed to send... ensure that they have a valid subscription..."  Really? That's a terribly nonsensical limitation. :(

But moving on... I am currently working with Storyline 360 because for my POC, I only need to build some SCORM based assessments. 

My question is... after I make all this effort to template and create content in Storyline, will my content still be available to use when I purchase a subscription?

Thank you. :)

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