Articulate 360 VERY VERY SLOW

I seem to have an issue with storyline 360. 
Working on a storyfile which is approximately 14 MB. 
It contains 34 slides, with rather High res images, but no video or other heavy stuff. Yet moving simple text object from A to B can take around 5-10 seconds.

I have a high-end Dell laptop which is also used for After Effects and Premiere. So the capacity of the laptop could not be the problem. Working local so no issues with the network. Storyline is completely updated.

How much of the performance could be affected by the Highres images? I've used these images for a while with no problem at all. 

Is there a way to purge the memory like in some Adobe software? 

Does anybody know how to speed up Articulate. 

Kind regards,


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Is it just me or do people find the software - storyline slow?

I use powerpoint as well and its architecture is similar... and powerpoint is lightening fast compared to storyline. Using it on a 16MB Ram PC with 4 processors. So I know it is not my pc as I analyse 200MB+ excel files, with complex formulae at lightening speed

Any enhancement advice is welcomed

Examples of things that i get frustrated with

1. I try to expand an object, it take 2 seconds then annoyingly drags a different object, you undo it then takes some seconds then you try again and it stretches a different object.

I spend half my time battling with moving objects around rather than creating content

2. Today it decided to give me the ring of death, no autosave feature or recovery feature. Lost 2 hours work. Over 5 slides. 

I think the product is fantastic, superb, I cant fault it, The only downside is the user experience as a result of performance issues when dealing with small tasks (drag and drop e.t.c).

So any advice is welcome :) Thanks

David Tait

Agree with Phil re: opening support case.

Not that this applies here as the specs seem fine, but I wanted to include the recommended system specs here for anyone else who might stumble upon this thread: 

Dave Lewis

I too have a Dell (i7/Windows 7 Enterprise).  I have a single slide with 3 images and 3 objects with link (it's intended to be a single portal page).  Moving the main image editing the states functionality for the 3 objects is brutally slow.  Takes 3-5 seconds to be able to select an object within the state to edit. Will open a case as well.  Thx.  

Tara McLoughlin

I'm having the exact same issue.  It's to the point where it's impossible to even work on that particular slide.  I've attached an example of the types of slides that have a severe lag.  It's always slides with high-res images.  I'm really hoping that I don't have to compromise quality just to get this project completed.   Any word on a fix for this yet?  
When I have to add states to these images, it becomes 100% more painful and slow.  Super frustrating. 

Katie Gokhshteyn

Very sorry you're facing this, Tara.

While we investigate this bug, the reported workarounds are:

  • Save the cropped pictures locally. Then, change the pictures on the slide and replace them with the saved image files. 
  • Remove any contrast adjustment on the images.

If that doesn't seem to help, please reach out to our all-star Support team here. They'll work with you one-on-one to find other custom approaches to try!

Gilles Pieri


I didn't open STORYLINE 360 for couple of month, after update I have a lot of problems with my my projects that were working properly before. 


There are many slides up to 50 and worked fine before and now is discouraging, I need to wait a long time to see preview.

I work with IMAC 2,7ghz RAM 16 gb

Please help us


Amor de Leon Nunez


My team and I have been encountering issues in creating ELMs in Storyline 3. Compared to the other ELMs we've created (with lots of 10-minute videos), it's been a challenge to edit slides in S3 for 2 weeks now. Is there a bug or something that's causing the lag? Considering that most of the course's content are static images and 1 video, it's been a challenge.

Please advise or route me to the right path so that this is addressed.




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amor,

There are some performance improvements our team is working on for Storyline 360 and Storyline 3, but those are not yet ready. It sounds like you're working on a relatively simple file though where things shouldn't be causing that much of a lag. I saw you also reached out to our Support Team to take a look at the file and determine what's causing the lag, which is what I was going to recommend next! I'll follow along as the team works on your file.