Articulate 360 with layers drag and drop and completion trigger for use in Rise 360

I am using Articulate 360 to build a drag and drop. On the left side are 6 topics in rectangle shapes. On the right side I have 6 numbered (1 to 6) doted rectangle outline shapes.

I want them to drag each of the 6 topics from the left side and drop them into the doted rectangle outline shapes, in the correct order from the lowest #1 to the highest #6.

When they successfully drop them in the correct order there is a layer that displays Congratulating them.

When they do not get them in the correct order there is another layer that displays the button message that says “Try Again”.

All is working fine but what I need is the action that says when they are correct it gives a completion. I want to insert this into Rise 360 and use the continue button that will be triggered when they get the completion. How do I do that?

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LaVon Bowman

Sorry, I may have stated what I need incorrectly. I should have been more exact.

I do know how to set the Continue button to show when the Articulate Storyline 360 is completed and correct.

What I do NOT know how to do is set the trigger in the Articulate Storyline file to show completion when they drag and drop the left items to the correct right areas. For example:

Rectangle 14-Knowledge should drop on Rectangle 1

Rectangle 16- Comprehension should drop on Rectangle 2

Rectangle 13 - Application should drop on Rectangle 3

Rectangle 8 - Analysis should drop on Rectangle 4

Rectangle 18 - Synthesis should drop on Rectangle 5

Rectangle 19 - Evaluation should drop on Rectangle 6

when that occurs I have it set to show layer "Correct"

When that does not happen it is set to show layer "Try again"

I also have a submit button for them to click when they have finished making their drops.

That all works.

What I need to know is how to write a trigger in Storyline that tells Rise it is complete and correct.  Then and only then will the "Continue" button in Rise work.