Articulate 360 won't quit

Nov 07, 2019

Have upgraded to the latest version. Now the Articulate 360 window with the apps listed in it will not close. I can minimize the window but the close "x" does nothing.

Using Windows 10.

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Elizabeth Miles

I've been having the same problem on my Windows 10 work computer since the most recent upgrade, but not on my home computer (also Windows 10).  The same thing started happening on my colleague's Windows 10 work computer after she updated today  (we have Windows 10 Enterprise).   Ctrl Alt Del is the only way to close it. 


Scott Byers
Lauren Connelly

Hi Elizabeth!

Thank you for providing this information! I'll go ahead and add your comments to the report. We've logged this issue as a bug so when I hear of an update I'll report back to this discussion. 

Don't know if this is relevant or not, but I chose to pin the Articulate 360 app to my taskbar and that's how I access Storyline, etc.

Ren Gomez
Hi Everyone, 
Jumping in here to let you know that we just released Update 35 for the Articulate 360 Desktop App! Here are the details.
One of the fixes addresses the issue where the Articulate 360 desktop app wouldn't always minimize to the system tray when clicking the Close (X) button.
Just launch Articulate 360 on your computer and click the Update button!

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