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I am confused by this new Articulate 360 and what it means for Articulate Storyline. Does this mean that no further development will occur on Articulate Storyline 2, standalone version? Will there ever be an Articulate Storyline 3? What about people who bought a platinum licence with an upgrade option who do not want to go to Articulate 360? Will they get a refund on the upgrade portion or will they be forced to go to 360 if they want to benefit from their upgrade purchase?

While I see that there is benefit, especially for new customers, to 360, I am still not sure that it is worth mine and my company's money to take a perpetual licence and change it to a subscription for what I perceive to only be minor feature enhancements.

I am open to be shown why the expense would be worth my while?

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Joe Frascella

Let's cut to the chase here, can we assume that both Storyline 3 and the version of Storyline available via 360 are and will remain the same, until the next major update?  And that the added benefit of 360 are the additional features such as the images, templates, and other authoring tools.  

It would not make much sense, from a developer standpoint, to develop and maintain two different products on two different update paths.

Our group likes the new features available in the newest version of SL, but we don't currently have any need for all the extras available in the 360 package.  We largely create our own templates, build our own graphics and have images available to us through Adobe CC and BigStock, so many of the "extras" are unnecessary to us at this time.  

And because we work with other vendors, that don't necessarily build in SL, we use a 3rd party online course review product that will accept SCORM packages from a variety of authoring tools, so we also don't have need for the review tool, since it only handles SL projects.

Garry Hargreaves

Thanks Joe, summed up beautifully. I would add, when did offering webinars / tutorials become a feature. Is that just marketing?

Just starting using SL3 via my was interesting the pressure by my local Articulate reseller to upgrade (upgrade is a relative term in this case) to SL360. I recanted all the same points you have raised. Thx G

Justin Grenier

Hi, Joe.

Storyline 3 is the same as Storyline 360 but without Articulate 360 subscription features, such as Content Library and Articulate Review. This means you can open Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 projects interchangeably, which is great when you’re collaborating with other Storyline users.

As Storyline 360 continues to evolve, there will be new features that exist only in Storyline 360. This means you won’t be able to open Storyline 360 projects in Storyline 3 if they include new features specific to Storyline 360. You’ll still be able to open Storyline 360 projects in Storyline 3 if they don’t have Storyline 360–specific features, and you’ll always be able to open Storyline 3 projects in Storyline 360.

Tim Danes

A quick update for me ...
I originally said I would never update to 360.  I had no reason to (i.e. I wanted the Big Mac, not the full McMenu), and the cost was quite prohibitive (and still is).  
However, I create quite advanced products in Articulate, and have found that I've 'hit the ceiling' with performance and capability.  

After long conversations with professionals, I discovered that the 360 HTML5 functionality/coding had been rewritten from the ground up.  This got me curious, and after testing side-by-side, my client responded with:
"Wow – we are back on track now. Articulate 360 is the bomb."

I now have Articulate 360.  I still think it's overpriced for what I use it for (I only use Articulate 360 and the Review tools), but it means my products are usable again, and my clients love it.

Keep the conversations going ... critical evaluation is part of the path to continuous improvement :)

PS> I also still use Articulate 2, because I continue to run collaborative projects with clients, and 360 is priced way beyond what is useful for these types of clients.

Allain McCallum

This is what cable TV companies and cellular companies have done for years in bundling and selling packages. It is being deregulated in Canada so you pick the items you want and pay for those. I would be more inclined with a subscription plan for 360, if it was a la cart, and I could pick the items I wanted at $500 a year rather than having everything thrust upon me including items I would never use at $1000. It's only a great deal if the offerings have value.



MT Holland

I was told a few days ago (now it's August 2017!) by a customer service rep that a decision has not been made as to whether there will be a new release of Studio and Storyline perpetual at all. Please clarify. After using Articulate Studio as my sole elearning dev tools for over ten years, it looks like I'm going to be priced right out of Articulate altogether, unless there will be a new perpetual version, or you allow users to select from a menu of tools for an affordable subscription-based solution.

Mark Schwartz

Hi MT.  

Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. Customer feedback is instrumental in developing our product roadmap. Based on overwhelming customer demand, we've been focused on delivering continuous updates to Articulate 360 apps and content. In fact, today we just released a bunch of new features to Articulate 360.

That being said, we are paying close attention to demand for perpetual products and have not yet made a decision on future releases.

Mark Schwartz

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your feedback. Adobe Creative Cloud is a great product suite. We know many designers who use CC. However, we don't know many folks who are using it to create e-learning. Captivate also has a broad base of customers. In fact, we work with many of them, as they're now happy Articulate 360 users.

Adobe CC and Captivate offer nothing like Rise or Review, key offerings of Articulate 360, which many of our customers tell us are worth the price of the 360 subscription by themselves! Further, our products do not require authors to go through any special steps or programming to create courses that look great on any device. Do you put a value on the time saved to create courses?

Only you can determine the value of what Articulate 360 offers you. Have you signed up for a fully functional 30-day trial of Articulate 360?

Should you not find Articulate 360 a solution that provides you an attractive ROI and choose to go another route, I wish you every success and appreciate your consideration.

Tiffani Nye

This is a non-answer and comes across as a pushy sales tactic. 

It does not matter how much I value saving time creating my e-learning courses if 1) my company already has a process in place for review that does not integrate well with Review, 2) we have specific requirements that make Rise useless for us, 3) we already have perpetually-licensed software to use for screen recordings, and 4) $1000 a year into perpetuity for our team simply does not exist in our budget. 

It is disheartening that every time a customer comes to you (and there are many of us in threads like this one) and says "I don't find value in these things, I need X Y Z. What is Articulate doing to address my concerns?" the only answer is to insist upon the value of the things we don't need.

We are not complaining because we don't understand what Review and Rise do - we're complaining because we understand what they are and still don't need them. 

What we want to know is what Articulate is doing to address our concerns instead of talking over them as if they aren't valid concerns in the first place. If you don't know what Articulate is planning to do to address users who don't find value in the whole 360 package, please just say so. 

Harry Carter

Mark, I didn't want to step in here but...

Many people are stating that, sure they like some of the things in Articulate 360, namely Storyline 360...but that they don't really have need for other things such as Review and Rise. In my opinion, most people would want either Rise OR Storyline 360 but not both.

I bought Articulate 360 subscription because of Storyline 360 and unless or until someone truly shows me how using Rise WITH Storyline 360 is going to add value...I don't see it. I think Storyline 360 is great but yes, the subscription price (for someone who only uses Storyline 360) is very high.

What I DO see (and this is why I felt a need to chime in) is the "well, that's the way it is, period" attitude by you and some of the other brass here.

Salesman: "Mr. Smith, here is your super dooper vacuum cleaner as well as a 2,000 pound bag of dog food."  Mr. Smith: "But I don't own a dog". Salesman: "Doesn't matter, it's the value that counts here."

Perhaps the resistance isn't loud enough or strong enough.

Dan Myers

"I don't know what the big deal is on pricing. Everyone knows that training departments are loaded with cash and have huge budgets."

-No one ever

 I think the most frustrating thing about the subscription model is that while Articulate seems very in touch with what their customers want from their products, they seem very out of touch with the financial constraints their customers operate under.

If there was an a la cart option to pick and choose which features you'd probably have a lot more takers. 

Mark Schwartz

Harry, thanks for chiming in, and thanks for being an Articulate 360 user.

We understand what you and others seek.  It's just not something that we currently offer.  

We designed Articulate 360 as a comprehensive suite of offerings based on years of customer feedback.  And, while we know it's not for everybody, the success of Articulate 360 in the marketplace has exceeded all of our greatest forecasts and expectations. 

That doesn't mean we have a tin ear to those that don't like our current approach.  We continue to listen to our customers and will evaluate and make the best packaging decisions for our offerings based on continued customer feedback, marketplace and technology inflections, and Articulate's ability to scale and support diverse customer needs.  



Jake Hurt

An a la carte method would literally silence 95% of complaints about 360, even if only done as a PR move it would be beneficial to Articulate.

It's not even difficult to implement. You can offer each product separately, at different prices, and have the 'whole set' as the price the whole subscription is now. You could even then offer different 'bundles' for different people.

Most other software companies do this so it would make perfect sense.

Jake Hurt

This is true, although Storyline 3 is confirmed to be getting fewer features and updates than 360.

As well as Articulates stance on perpetual licences moving forward.

Much of the frustration is also with regards to the way things are being handled and the way we are being spoken to, rather than just specifically the product.