articulate and surface pro DPI, just wondering

hi realise this discussions been going backwards and forwards a bit - however thinking about purchasing Microsoft Surface 3 128GB Tablet to run storyline 2

 Someone has told me that  the high DPI of the screen on the surface may make the display of Storyline  too small to operate 

anyone help with this one, anyone running storyline 2 on a surface pro !!is it working whats  the quality like

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tim cluning
Barry Sampson

Hi Tim, 

I have the Surface Pro 3 (i5/256/8gb) and I can run Storyline 1 and 2 on it okay, with one caveat:

Storyline needs the screen resolution set at 96dpi (which is 100%) whereas the Surface scales the display to 150% which can cause all sorts of weirdness - see here: 

So your options are:

1. Switch scaling to 100% and leave the screen resolution at the default 2160 x 1440. I find this ok, but I like my display running at hi-res and don't have an issue with small icons etc. 

2. Switch scaling to 100% and then change to a lower resolution. Just be aware that the Surface Pro 3 has a 3:2 screen ratio but most of the resolutions available to change through the UI aren't 3:2 so you will get some degree of screen cropping.

3. Use an external display that you can run at 100% scaling. I usually plug my Surface into an Apple Cinema Display and that works a treat.

Point 2 can be solved by doing some manual configuration of screen resolutions but that involves installing an unsupported driver and comes with the usual 'may void your warranty' type warnings!


Eric Kyle

Hello, thank you Leslie and Ashley for trying to help me with my Surface Pro 3 issues - I appreciate the support!

Barry, when you say that we might need to change the scaling to 100%, can you say more about what you mean by this? I am able to "change the size of all items" from larger to smaller in the Display section of Control Panel, is this what you mean? If so, which setting from "smaller" to "larger" corresponds to 100% scaling? I have tried to change these, but it didn't seem to affect weirdness that I am experiencing, which others are saying might be a screen resolution issue. I am using Storyline 1 and I am missing the "Other" menu in the player (see the attached image).

Thank you! Eric