Articulate App PAUSE Issue

Mar 10, 2016

I have already gone to Articulate Support with this issue, and I have received the boilerplate "we don't know if or when this problem will be addressed," but I figured maybe one of you has run into the same problem and have figured out a workaround:

If you navigate away from the Articulate App while a course is playing (let's say to view a document in your browser), when you return to the app, the module starts playing immediately. 

For example, I have a custom menu with a "resources" tab that opens a lightbox. From that lightbox, the user clicks an icon that takes them to a webpage. When the user returns to the app, the lightbox is still open, but the base layer is playing under it. The base layer should not resume play until after the lightbox is closed.

This only happens in the HTML5 output. I appreciate any help or guidance you all can offer!! Thank you :)

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