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I have been researching the cmi5 output and noticed articulate gives the option to output in cmi5 but is this out of the box or does it require some programming to make it work in an LMS?  I use Talent LMS which supports CMI5 but when I upload and try to play I get an error that says invalid actor: missing or invalid account.  I noticed on the articulate output screen the options for reporting and tracking ask for AU ID, Course ID, Launch URL, but what do I input here?  I'm using the latest version of Storyline 360 and Talent LMS.storyline 360 cmi5 reporting and tracking

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Hello Robert.  Were you able to view the course after publishing in cmi5 on TalentLMS?  I use TalentLMS and thinking about republishing our content in cmi5.  I am not sure if it is to early in the evolution to do this, what are your thoughts with regards to cmi5 and TalentLMS?

Thank you for any time given on this subject!


Hello Lauren,

Would you have any more information regarding the cmi5 fields Articulate provides when publishing to cmi5?  Since Articulate included these fields for publishing cmi5, it seems reasonable to think Articulate would be able to define the field requirements in layman's terms.  Any additional help from Articulate is much appreciated.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, K L and Robert.

When publishing to cmi5, you don't have to change those fields. Are you experiencing errors or issues when uploading your project to the LMS?

I recommend testing it with SCORM Cloud: 

You can also turn on the debug mode to help identify issues:

If you need help testing your project, please reach out through a support case.