articulate content does not start in IE 11

Dear people

We have made a course in articulate. After uploading to our LMS (moodle), the course does not start  when using IE 11. In Chrome/FF we have no problem at all.


The strange thing is that if we resize the IE window, the content does start.

We removed all 'custom tab order' items as recommended in another thread (, unfortunately this did not help. I also tried to set up a course with one single slide and removed the custom tab orders. Also this course does not start in IE without resizing the window.


Our articulate version is update 6: 15072315.

i have attached the course.



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Christie Pollick

Hello again, Annemijn -- 

I appreciate your patience while I tested your file. I went ahead and uploaded the published output to the SCORM Cloud (as it is the industry standard for LMS testing), and then opened the following link in IE11, and it started for me without having to resize the window.

Please try this link when you have a moment. You may also want to review this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud, and if issues persist, perhaps reach out to your LMS directly. 

Dan Marsden

I'm guessing you've run into the bug:

Which suggests you are using a really old version of Moodle. Ideally you should be scheduling a Moodle update every 2 months with the latest minor release which also includes security related fixes. I expect if you are affected by that particular bug you will also be vulnerable to some serious security issues and you should prioritise an upgrade asap.