Articulate content in Moodle in Android 4


I have a course wich works in Moodle. This course works fine in Ipad and Android 3.2, wich loads the flash version, but in a tablet Samsung with android 4 (wich loads html5) we can't use the course, cause when you press a somekind like a big button appears over and the buttons in the content does not work at all.

I know that there is no support to Android, but someone knows about this issue. Is a problem with Android 4 and moodle or html5?

Thanks in advance!

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Dan Marsden

The Moodle SCORM player is pretty crappy in general on mobile devices - I've had a GSOC student working on improving it for Moodle 2.6 (releases soon) - If you're able to test your packages in a development version of Moodle 2.6 I'd be interested to hear any feedback - it does make some improvements but I think there's probably still work that needs to be done to improve mobile device support.

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Dan... we have installed moodle 2.6 and trying to work on androd. We are having difficults with flash running on a tablet with android 3 (that does not support html5) the buttons in flash does not work. If we load the content in the browser, outside Moodle, the buttons work fine...

Is like there is a layer over the flash wich makes the buttons untouchable (hope this word exists

Do you have any report of this and any possible solution?

Thanks Dan!

Dan Marsden

I'm not aware of anything specifically related to this - If it works in FF but not in the native Android browser I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix within Moodle either - feel free to create an issue in the Moodle tracker for it but I don't think I'll have time to work on it unless someone was able to fund my time to diagnose/fix.

Juanjo Haro

HI, Dan... thanks for anwser. i´ll tell to the team that works on it.

One more thing... when we load articulate courses in moodle, many times there's a lot of pixels above of the course, leaving a great white space and making the course go down in the page. We can't find in the articulate html anyway to fix, unless the course is in moodle, seems not respond the code we change. We are trying the options in moodle, modifyng the width and heigh in the articulate html but nothing seems to work... 

Is there any part of the code or moodle or option to fix this, to make the course stay in the correct space?


Dan Marsden

I've seen some weird whitespace issues that come from the scorm content itself - does the whitespace come from inside the iframe or in the player page body? - have you tried using different themes to see if that makes any difference? - there is also an open bug for bootstrap themes with pop-up windows printing the headers instead of giving a clean pop-up window with just the scorm content

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fred,

Storyline 2 supports Android as described here and you'll want to use the Articulate Mobile Player in Android OS 4.1 or later (optimized for tablets) or for the HTML5 output, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later. If you're having difficulty with a file in Moodle, have you also tested in SCORM Cloud? If it works in SCORM Cloud you may want to check with Moodle about their support for Android. 

Storyline 1 does not offer Android support. 

Marie-Pierre Dionne

Hello we are on version of moodle.

Trying to view scorm content on a Samsumg galaxy tablet.

I installed Firefox for android- my moodle page is blanck.

I installed google chrome for android - The Scorm course plays, but I have no sound.

I installed Photon flash player & broser for android - The Scorm course plays, but I have no sound.

The Articulate storyline are enables for HTML5 and I have selected the the mobile option when publishing.

Has anyone encoutered this issue and how can we get sound?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marie!

Please be sure that your tablet meets the viewing requirements specified here for Storyline 2.

Is sound playing on your tablet otherwise?

If you view your HTML5 output on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 running Android OS 4.2.2, you may find that the audio is missing from your course.

This is a known issue with the Chrome browser in Android OS 4.2.2 on Galaxy Tab 3 devices. You can correct it by installing the latest Android OS update for your tablet.