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Feb 08, 2016

Hi everybody, 

I'm looking for solution for long time and especially in the last 3 days, I read an articles, forum discussions and I can't find solution, maybe someone here can help me.

I have a few learning units that i build with Storyline and my LMS is Moodle 2.8.

until today i publish my courses in SCORM and upload them to my Moodle but we have always have a problem at the grades report. the Moodle not always report the right grade and sometimes even right 0% to someone who get 100%. 

when i try to find a solution for that i start o check the TIN CAN. I had installed the plugin in Moodle but i have a few questions:

1. did i have to use LRS so i can use TIN CAN at Moodle?

2. if not, can i use a regular FTP to put all my learning units?

3. i try to use Scorm cloud as LRS but something in the setting is not correct and it always says to me: "The Learning Record Store is not available. Please contact a system administrator." no matter what link or launch URL i put inside. with or without endpoint and the login setting.

I followed the instructions in the tin can site, in the Moodle site and in any website that have an instructions for that, but nothing is working.

I really don't know what to do, i have to find a solution so my students will fill good with my e-learning units and no fill frustrated when they learn.

Does anyone have this problem? does someone can guide me what to do with this tin can at Moodle?

Hoping someone have a good and working solution,

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Revital,

I'm not familiar with any specific Moodle settings - but if you're publishing as LMS you'll want to look at ensuring you're then zipping and uploading the entire published output folder.  You'll want to follow the steps here for testing/troubleshooting at SCORM Cloud. 

Also, I know we have a lot of users in the forums who utilize Moodle, so hopefully they'll be able to weigh in now. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Revital!

If I'm understanding your issue, it sounds like you may need to follow up with Moodle on this. I know that in Andrew's response here, he mentioned you would need an LRS and a plug in to utilize Tin Can with Moodle. 

Hopefully someone with experience setting this up will be able to chime in and assist you.

Back to your original issue of grade reporting, was this something that you were able to replicate in SCORM Cloud or was it limited to your Moodle environment?

Revital tz

Thank you Ashley, I hope someone that uses Moodle know how to solve my problem.

Leslie- Thank you. From my check with the support of Articulate the problem is on Moodle. at scorm cloud it's work ok from the little check that the support did but:

1. I prefer not to uses third part at my courses, it's less convenient and I don't know about the security of SCORM cloud

2. I don't want to pay more money for another service

3. and the most important thing is that the Articulate support check it at one Elearning unit with one user. my problem at Moodle is that the problem with the report is that this wrong grade report not consistent and not logical so the little check at SCORM cloud can't tell me if the problem solved.

About the tin can, my plugin was installed and update and i follow the instructions but it still doesn't work.

Hope someone know the answer and can tell my how to set the TIN CAN activity so it will work at Moodle and I hope it's can answer my problems.



Phil Mayor

A quick read of the plugin for moodle shows that you need to track via a separate LRS, from the plugin documentation:

Note that the list of attempts is stored in the LRS, rather than Moodle and can therefore be read and modified by another LMS or by the learning activity itself. Additionally, if another copy of the launch link is installed elsewhere on the Moodle or even on another Moodle, the data will be shared so long as the user email and activity id are the same.

Revital tz

Hi Phil,

thank you.

There is places on the web that says I have to use LRS and in other places it says that iI can use the Moodle as LRS, either way it's just doesn't work and i always get this notification: "The Learning Record Store is not available. Please contact a system administrator."

Even when I try to use the Scorm cloud.



Revital tz


Yes. I upload the project to the SCORM cloud to the "LRS - Learning Record Store", I insert the endpoint and login details. I'm not sure I put the right link at the launch URL and actually I didn't find other URL to put inside the box.

The TIN CAN package is work ok when it's run directly  from the SCORM cloud 

Dan Marsden

As Phil mentions, Moodle does not have an LRS - If you want to use/launch Tin Can content from Moodle you must also have an external LRS (learning locker/Watershed etc etc.) The Rustici Cloud doesn't need this as they have their own built-in LRS

Going back to your grading issue with getting "0" scores - typically I see this happening in content created in older versions of articulate products in newer versions of Internet Explorer - often the fix is to re-publish your content using a more recent version of Articulate software. Alternatively some people have had success making their custom Moodle theme force the Internet explorer browser into compatibility mode while using SCORM packages.



Revital tz

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer,

I try to use the SCORM cloud as LRS but it still doesn't work and I always get the notification: "The Learning Record Store is not available. Please contact a system administrator."

I insert the endpoint and login details but something with the URL doesn't work. If there is someone that can help me with the URL I will appreciate it.


About the score "0", I'm using Storyline 2 update 7 and i don't think this help, 

If you can explain me what you mean when you right "Moodle theme force the Internet explorer browser into compatibility mode while using SCORM packages"


Thank you,


Dan Marsden

if you have published the SCORM packages using Storyline 2 update 7 then then compatibility mode hack isn't likely to help. It involves modifying the code inside your Moodle theme. There are a number of posts in the Moodle community SCORM forum that provide information on this if you want to go looking for them.

I didn't think you could use the SCORM cloud as an LRS and run tin can packages using the Moodle tin can launcher plugin (but I haven't tried this)- What does work is the Moodle SCORM cloud plugin and then load them like normal SCORM packages in the scorm cloud plugin instead. (the scormcloud plugin for Moodle supports Tin can as well as scorm)

If you are looking for commercial level support (paid) to help you resolve the 0 score issues with Moodle feel free to get in touch - my affiliations/contact details are in my profile here.

Ralf Hilgenstock

Hi Revital

in your initial post you wrote: the Moodle not always report the right grade and sometimes even right 0% to someone who get 100%. 

For me it describes that generally your settings are correct and Moodle gets the data.  But there are some cases when it doesn't work. It may be interested to identify this situations.

We know that often there is a problem when the scorm package loads in a new window and the Moodle course window is been closed before the user finishes the scorm unit. In this case there is no target where the scorm package can report to.  An other problem will be that theuser closes the scorm unit before starting the last page wherethe data a re send to the LMS:

Revital tz

Thank you Dan and Ralf.

Ralf- regarding what you wrote, my SCORM package loads in the same window because of that problem.

Dan- regarding what you wrote about the new version of Storyline- I checked again and I see that my problem is occurring less frequently in the packages that were created in the new version than in the old version.

My problem now is that I can't know whether the grade that's not reporting correctly is a user problem (the user stopped in the middle or closed the window) or whether it's a SCORM problem.

Anyway, where it's not writing the right grade, I can see in the report that the grade's status is: "suspend" (in the: "cmi.core.exit"),

Thank you 


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