Articulate Crashing when copying and pasting text

Hello Everyone,


We are working on a multilingual project using Articulate Storyline 3 in Malayalam(language).

The font we are using is Gayathri which is Unicode.

When we copy and paste some particular words into Storyline, it crashes.

Some of the problem causing text are:

1. നിര്‍ജലീകരണം
2. ആരോഗ്യപ്രശ്‍നം

If anybody could shed some light on this, that would be really grateful as we are working to meet the deadline. Attaching the font.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Sachith KP,

Oh no, so sorry you're running into this issue! I downloaded the font, and as soon as I tried to paste that troublesome text into Storyline 3, it crashed. 

I don’t want to lose any of the information that you’ve shared so far, so I’ve opened a support case on your behalf and will have our support engineers take a closer look into what's happening.