Articulate Font Issue

I normally use the Articulate font because I have had issues in the past with special characters not showing up properly in the Notes Panel.

We recently had this issue, however, with the Articulate font.

Since we do software training, we are frequently using the word 'click' in our scripting.  The Articulate font, however, when bold-faced, condenses the word 'click' to create the issue of it appearing as the word 'dick'.

Brought to our attention by our Marketing department when they received a complaint from a customer viewing the training.  Note:  This was not a typo, as they originally assumed.

Is there any way this can be corrected in the Articulate font?  I had to correct it by expanding the text for that word... and since we use is thousands of times, this represents a huge undertaking.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Mary Beth.  I see exactly what you're saying, and I was able to replicate with Articulate font size 9, both bold and not bold, and really didn't see much improvement until around size 14.

I definitely wouldn't want my text to look like that; I'm really sorry about this!  I'm sending a report to our QA team so that they can investigate.  We'll be sure to update you as soon as we can with additional information.  Thanks so much for pointing this one out.

Crystal Horn

Mary Beth, would you also be able to provide some additional information about the environment in which you're viewing your content?  What browser?  How are the player properties set in terms of the browser and player size settings?  Can the user resize the browser?  Will the course player scale up to fill the browser window?

I just want to be sure we get as much information as we can!

Also, when replying via email, your contact signature is attached.  If you want, you can come back in and edit that information out.

Mary Beth Maidment

Sure... I can tell you what I know of my own usage. I don't have that detail on my user.

As the course developer, I looked at it in Google Chrome & Internet Explorer.

We have the course settings to Resize to fill screen + Scale player to fill browser window.

I cannot determine whether the user who provided the screen shot had his window open to fill the screen or not.