Articulate Freezing - 18MB file size

Articulate is freezing and not sure why. I create large story files taht are very simple - only links and text, no triggers, animation. Basically a glorified powerpoint. I have made quizzes and much more complicated documents that are more than twice this size.

All of a sudden I cannot open the last three files I worked on. When I open, the storyview shows all my scenes flickering, the wheel turning and it will not load the rest of the file.

-file size is 18MB

-simple text document

-working off my desktop

-saving frequently and with new file names each day.

-have no other programs open except email

Help! Lost all my work!

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Matthew Kliewer

Have you tried opening a new Storyline project, and importing slides from your other file? Could possibly work.

(BTW, I converted an old Articulate Studio project to Storyline recently - 470MB! Ridiculously large (the Presenter file and PPT were less than 80MB combined), but it handled it reasonably well considering.)