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Dec 16, 2014

Looking for some help. The company I'm working for is moving over to Macs and as we do a lot of Articulate work want to use parallels. Articulate is having problems with 'collecting' external files (pdf in this case) that have been linked with triggers. When I create an output folder the external files folder is present but not the linked pdf. I know I could put the pdf into the external file folder but this doesn't solve the issue as I still need to create a zip to put online or in LMS and this only works using the Articulate zip function. I have tested to see if linked documents, via resources works and it does. The major issue with this is the client doesn't want the pdf located in the resources tab. Another part of the challenge is that the referenced pdf has numerous pages and we want the learner to be directed to a specific page. If I put the extra information into the linked trigger (#page=1) and then load the pdf into the references tab, the link works but doesn't direct the learner to the correct place.

Hope someone out there can help and feeling very frustrated!


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Cody Salinas

Hey, Jen.

If you have Acrobat Pro, you can create an interactive PDF that bookmarks specific portions within the document itself. You can create a simple table of contents at the top of the page (with icons, if you prefer) that directs learners to specific places in the PDF.

I've used this approach for learners who prefer PDFs, and the nonlinear navigation typically meets their needs.

I haven't found a way to link to a specific spot in the PDF from the LMS course, though.

Jennifer Gayapersad

Thank you. We do create our pdfs with bookmarks and the page functionality normally works well within Articulate. I think the real issue is that something within parallels is stopping this linking of pdfs the way it should.


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Jennifer Gayapersad

Thank you about the signature, I realised this after it was posted. With regard to solving the issue, this isn't what I need solving. The problem is that the pdf is not being picked up at the output stage. Because it is not being put into the external files folder, it means the file is not located in the external files folder in the finished zip which then goes online. When a user clicks the link this error code comes up. File attached.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this problem.

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