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Oct 14, 2016

Hello, I was surprised I could not find any previous topics on this, but if I missed them, I apologize.

We develop courses with StoryLine 2 and publish them using SCORM2004 to Scorm Cloud.

I am trying to understand how these courses will opperate for a user on an iPad. I do not have an iPad to test. A customer informed us they are getting a notification to download the articulate app. It was my understanding they could use the app, or continue to use the browser, but they are not getting this option.

Also according the link below, it appears course results will only be reported back to LMS using the Tin Can API? I am using SCORM 2004, does this mean results wont be posted to SCORM Cloud if they use the articulate app?


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Ali Goulet

Hi David,

No apologies necessary, these are great questions! Thanks for reaching out here with them. When you select the option to have it viewable in the Articulate Mobile Player, it will force the user to view it in the app on an iPad or Android tablet. If you'd like the user to be able to view it in a browser instead, you'll want to uncheck the Articulate Mobile Player option and make sure that the "Include HTML5" option is checked. This will allow the user to view the content right in their browser window.

To answer you're second question, Tin Can API is the only supported way to track content using the Articulate Mobile Player if your LMS provider has implemented Tin Can API support. Depending on the LMS, you may still be able to view SCORM content in the app but tracking won't be supported.  If you need to track SCORM or AICC content, we recommend that you don't include the Articulate Mobile Player option when publishing, or encourage your LMS provider to support Tin Can API. (Our white paper on Tin Can API implementation provides helpful information for your LMS provider.)

Hope that helps clarify a bit. Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this! :)

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