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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ashley,

Australia is the happiest place on the planet, so surely it's the best place to have a Happiness Specialist !!

Bribie Island is lovely, so I am slightly envious of Wendy. However, as I am surrounded by wineries on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, I'm not about to complain any time soon . . . . . . . unless, of course, we don't get our own Happiness Specialist ! :) :)

Susi B

+1 what Matthew said. It´s the same for Germany (or Europe alltogether). US is at least -6h and Australia it´s +8h. So now it´s 8 in the morning in Germany, in the US you´re still in bed and in Australia you´re going to leave the office soon. :) Would be nice to have staff around the world to help us out. ;)