Articulate issues with viewing on Android devices

Sep 23, 2014

We have several storyline modules in our LMS, all are optimized for mobile view.  They all play fine without any issues on an iPad, PC, Mac...but we keep having issues when content is viewed on Android devices.

For example, we have this module that features a video initial introduction.  After the video wraps up, there are multiple navigation buttons that are supposed to appear to the right on top of the video.  However, it doesn't happen.  BUT, if I click the NEXT BUTTON, then the PREV button, replay the video...THEN they show up.  Why is that?

Does anybody else experience issues with viewing storyline on Android devices?

Here is how it shows up after you watch the video the 1st time

Now, this is what I saw after I clicked the NEXT button, then the PREV button...

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Emily Ruby

Hello Chase!

First I want to verify that you are using Storyline 2, as it supports Android, and Storyline 1 did not.

Also I want to verify that the device you re using meets the system requirements, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.1 and later.

If these are met, could you attach the file, so we can test the behavior from our end?

Chase Lawrence

Yes, we are using Storyline 1.  So that would explain the issue.  Our Android Tablets that are being used to display the content are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

We are upgrading all of our licenses to Storyline 2 here soon.

I appreciate your timely response as this has been an on-going issues that has plagued us for quite some time.

John Wagner

I have been checking our courses on phones of random friends, so I do not know what operating systems they are using. I have noticed the courses consistently crash when they bring them up. However, I also noticed that they all have the ability to go to a "desktop" mode and that brings up our courses properly. So my take on this is that if someone wants to access these courses on their phones they may have to go through this extra step. Does what I am saying make sense and is this normal?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi John!

When you embed a published course in an iFrame, the iFrame takes control of the content's placement. Depending on how the iFrame behaves, content might appear to be misaligned, cut off, or even have scroll bars. If you experience these symptoms, please contact your server administrator for assistance or look into the iFrame coding you created. 

Hopefully someone in the community may be able to chime in and assist you with this.

John Wagner

Thanks Leslie,

So far I don't seem to have had much trouble with the embeded iframes (unless you took a look and saw something on your device that I haven't seen). I am able to change the size of the frames on my pages to the size of the player in the course. I don't think that is the issue with the android devices. I'm kind of new to all this iphone device stuff (I don't even own a smart phone!). So I was a little surprised when I just arbitrarily asked to see my course on a friend's phone and it didn't load. But going to "desktop" mode on the phone seems to solve the problem. I didn't even know there was such a setting. Thanks for your help.

Aman Prasad

Need urgent help. Currently I have published a module using Storyline 1 in our LMS platform for mobile use. It's working fine on desktop as it meets the desktop system requirements but when I try accessing this module on my Android phone the modules starts but the content on the module is not visible. Please help me out with this issue.

Thank you

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Aman! Running your Storyline 1 project on Android is not supported.

Perhaps someone in the community will be able to assist you with their workarounds, if any.

I would recommend downloading the trial of Storyline 2 to see if this fits your needs better as this is when Android support was implemented as detailed here.

Joe Zhou

I have an issue to view the SCORM from the Android devices.

I use the following specification however the course is not shown.

Chrome version: 54
Android version: 5.01
Storyline version: 2.0 (updated patch 1:1410.204)
published as HTML 5 SCORM

The course is shown from the desktop devices and native browser of  mobile phone (comes with  HUAWEI LITE 8.0).

Any thoughts?

Crystal Horn

Hello Joe!  The system requirements for viewing HTML5 output include using Google Chrome (latest version) in an Android OS 4.1 and later.  I would first make sure you match that setup.

The next thing I would do is update your version of Storyline 2; you can see our release notes here, and the latest version, Update 11, was released October 4, 2016.  Once you've updated, please republish your project and upload it again to your LMS.

Does that make any difference?  Let us know what you're seeing at that point!

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