Articulate Live - hosting my own webinars

Hi, our company has just provided some of us with Articulate 360 licences. I attended one of the Articulate Live webinars and I understood that I would also be able to host Articulate Live webinars but I cannot find out how to do it. When I checked back on the invitation, I see that it was GoToWebinar that was used. Could it be that this is not included in the Articulate 360 licence?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carol,

As Wendy mentioned the Articulate Live webinars are ones hosted by our staff and team to showcase ideas, solutions and tips for using Articulate 360. There is not an option within the subscription to host your own webinars, but if you have a reference to language that was unclear about that I'm happy to share with our team so that we could clarify it going forward! 

Carol O'Sullivan

Hi Ashley

Thanks for the clarification.

It was indeed just a misunderstanding. When the host was explaining all the Web options available and said something like “Articulate Live” is what we are doing now so I thought it meant that I could also use “Articulate Live” for similar webinars that I give.