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Shelley Temple

Hi Justin,

But do I need to have it on the iPad to get the content to play?  I’m being too vague.

I am developing some eLearning content using Storyline. I will publish it for my LMS and mobile – then upload the published file to my LCMS, then upload that file to our LMS.

My learners will go into our LMS via the iPad to watch this content.  Do I need to tell them they need to download the Articulate Mobile Player in order for the content to play?

Thanks so much!!


Justin Grenier

Hello again, Shelley.

Welcome to Heroes, by the way!

I'm sorry that I misunderstood your first question.  Since the iPad does not natively support Flash, there are two options for viewing Storyline content on an iPad:

  • Articulate Mobile Player
  • HTML5 Running in Mobile Safari

Check out an excellent Knowledge Base Article here on the differences between these two approaches, and please do let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!