Articulate Mobile Player

Aug 17, 2016

Has the Articulate Mobile Player  (specifically for Android) been abondoned? It was last updated last year. 

If it has been, how can I download a course from my server for offline viewing?

The mobile player is giving issues with video, where it plays the audio but the video comes out as a black screen. 

Also is there a way to have it display full screen?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mitch,

It definitely hasn't been abandoned, but there have not been any updates recently. To download items for offline viewing, you would have needed to publish as such and you'll need to be connected to Wifi to download. Offline viewing is not available for Tin Can or Articulate Online hosted content as well. 

As for the video issue, the placeholder will always be black in AMP, but the video should load.  If that's not happening for you, what OS are you running on your Android tablet? You'll want to ensure you're using one of the options mentioned here. 

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