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Michael Hinze

There is no prompt to download the content (and I didn`t expect one). When the URL is launched, it redirects to the Player App and starts the content, as expected.

By the way, I also tried this on an Android device. There for some reason, the content was not launched in the Player App, but in a browser window. 

Rachel McPhail


I'm coming back to this problem. We've tried to just view the HTML5 version, but my wireless connection doesn't perform well enough through out our building to solve my problem.

So I really need to figure out how to download this to an iPad. So far I've tried downloading it from different networks. I experience the same problem. The player opens up to a black screen and nothing happens.

Do you know of another project that I could download to verify that the download process works?

Also what other troubleshooting advice do you have?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

You'll need an internet connect to download it for offline viewing regardless. You could try using any of the Examples here or items that were posted as a part of the E-Learning Challenges - but I don't know if they are all set up for AMP and offline viewing. I don't have a personal example handy - as I have mostly users files for testing.

I was also able to access you link above, and then select "available offline' and let it download. It said it would take a bit, about 28 minutes - but it happened much faster than that. I turned off my wifi and it played normally.