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Hello everybody,

I am looking for a tool for e-media content to creating many training for technical area. I like Articulate Storyline but I have one concern. All content has to run on mobile devices and so I have a question to this feature. When I offer the content for use in a browser I am loosing the space of the address area and sometimes operation elements. The Articulate Mobile Player is not available for iPhone. Especially here it would be very useful since the sceen is small. Is their any possibility to show the learning content without loosing space for address bars on mobile phones?

Thank you


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Brian Dennis

I believe Articulate offers an IOS player from the Apple play store.

Placing the browser is full screen "kiosk" mode via javascript is support by newer HTML5 browsers. You'll need to search the web for the appropriate code, then directly modify the story_html5.html file in a text editor. Note, story_html5.html is re-generated with each project publishing step so keep the working code handy the next time you need to add it to story_html5.html

KJ Brix

Hi Brian, hi Leslie,

thank you for your quick response. I am also thinking the solution with modifying the story_html5 file is one solution. Will play with it in the next days. I am just thinking that a company like Articulate should offer a player solution for mobile devices. Than everybody can get rid of the browser problems with incompatibility and have tha maximum possible space available for content only. I know the philosophy of Articulate is not responsive which I can understand but at least their should be a better mobile approach.

But I am very happy about the Articulate community and thank you again.


PS: a screenshot of my mobile phone

Crystal Horn

Hello, Klaus-Juergen.  I wanted to provide you with our white paper which describes our plans for a responsive player.  Pages 9 and 10 give a preview of what that means:

"On phones, for example, the responsive mobile player hides sidebar menus behind icons, eliminates browser chrome, and delivers mobile friendly playback controls. The result is an immersive, full-screen experience for learners."

I understand what you're saying about those browser controls and address bar, especially when viewing the course on a smaller device.  And you're right:  The Articulate Mobile Player is not available for iPhones.  So hang in there, and we'll update everyone on the progress of the responsive player as soon as we can.

KJ Brix

Hello Crystal,

at first, the main reason for my to work with Articulate is the active and helpful community. So thank you again for your understanding and fast feedback. I think your white paper is the right approach. E-Learning is page based and responsive design is difficult and makes more efforts for the developers. With the new player (hope it is coming soon) it can work easy and much better for the mobile area.

I am developing e-learning content for the Chinese market. Here we have a much stronger requirement on mobile content. Workers in the technical area partly even do not have a computer available but they always have a mobile phone. The content must work on mobile devices properly.

A last question:

When I am developing my content in 960 x 540 in the standard player, will it be suitable for the new mobile player later on or should I choose a different size?

Best regards


Crystal Horn

Thanks for the kind words about the community!  We think it's pretty special to have such an active and helpful "hive mind."  :)

I think the best answer for you, at this time, would be in this article about choosing the optimal slide size for mobile devices.  It's a guide dependent on the device, but I'm sure it will help generally.  It accounts for the browser address bar, but includes this as well:

  • The calculated sizes accommodate the standard address/tab bar across the top of the browser. If learners customize their mobile browsers with bookmark bars or other navigation features that reduce the useable screen area, Storyline will automatically scale your course to fit.

I hope that helps, and thank you again for your contributions!