Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) Audio Issues


I am experiencing audio issues with the AMP. This happened either for video's audio or just audio by itself. The video was playing but there was no sound at all. OR, the audio was playing but not sound. I tested this on the regular browsers on PC or the iPad's Safari, and it was non issue. Any suggestions or helps are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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Benny Kurniawan

Hi Ashley,

I have submitted the file using the link you provided. Here is the case  # 00374949.

To answer your question regarding the audio, the seekbar was moving when playing the MP3 in the AMP. Plus there was sound when it was playing in the PC's browsers, and iPad's Safari. Hope this helps. Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Benny,

I checked in on your case today, and see that Regil was able to successfully play all your video files and hear audio. Additionally, I see that he suggested removing and reinstalling the app on your iPad, and he also shared the following in response to how to modify the audio once within the iPad app:

The sounds of Articulate Mobile Player can be adjusted using buttons on the side of the iPad or volume controls when you click the home button. Here is video I found in youtube that demonstrate this: 

Please take note also that the mute buttons on the iPad should not affect the audio of Articulate Mobile Player. Sounds should still play even if it is muted on the side. It all depends on the volume set on the iPad.