Articulate Mobile Player AMP no longer plays course

May 02, 2022

I had an older course that I made a couple of years ago that ran in offline mode in the Articulate Mobile Player. I never had a issue with it.

I recently republished it (with no changes) as web only and uploaded it to a webserver.

I have installed the AMP on an iPad Pro.

When I access the course via a email link, AMP opens but the screen stays blank.

I exited the app and restarted it. The course shows up in the library so I select the Allow Offline option and the download process begins and completes successfully. Launching the course again results in a blank black screen.

What is going on? Why is my course no longer working?

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Randall Sauchuck

Actually they did make several announcements about ending support for Flash but they kind of buried the fact that AMP RELIES on Flash.

I don't understand why they havent released a new version of the AMP that uses the HTML5 content. I know that you can access the HTML via a mobile browser but that doesn't give the option of offline access which is CRUCIAL in some situations. 

Oddly my original SL360 published files DID include swfs. They just don't work correctly, like the SL3 swfs do.