Articulate Mobile Player and New Modern Player Download course function

Hi there, 

we use the Articulate Mobile Player for a lot of our courses and to ensure that people can download these to their device for offline viewing in the Mobile Player. 

Recently we have moved to the new 'Modern Player' and the download feature doesn't seem to work. 

1) is this supposed to work ?

2) will this feature be fixed/coming in the near future (causes many issues for us if not)?

We do not want to have to go back to the classic player to enable download for offline viewing so would be grateful for some info on this subject as soon as possible. 

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Gary Williams

I'm hoping so too however what is interesting is that when you go to the Classic player and select HTML5 only, the AMP option then is disabled. I'm wondering the Download/ Publish for AMP is in someway Flash reliant and as such won't work in HTML5 alone. 

Will give it a try as you suggested but I think this has already been attempted and isn't working - Hoping there is a fix for this asap  

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Gary,

You nailed it. You will need an output that includes Flash in order to utilize the Articulate Mobile Player.

If you choose one of the publish formats above that includes Flash output, you’ll also have the option to include Articulate Mobile Player output.

You can read the full details in the documentation here.