Articulate Mobile Player app- looses some content


I'm testing to publish a bit of a course made in Storyline for HTML5 and mobile devices and have marked all three options. I use the Mobile Player app on Ipad and the result is not ok. Some things are missing: 

1. It only presents two out of three tabs to the left side. I had a Menu, a Note tab and a Document tab. It only presents the menu and the Note tab.  

2. The Search field at the bottom is missing

3. A glossary tab at the top right corner is missing

4. The background colour of the player is dark grey and not the colour I decided (the default light grey). 

5. The "playback window" to the right (don't know the name of it ) does not fil up the entire surface. 

Here is a link to the URL:

Can someone give me a hint of the reason to these things and tell me if there is something to do about it? 

Best regards

Maria Jonsson

Sweden :-)

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