Articulate Mobile Player error message "Cannot Download Content"


I've published our e-learning on our server and included the course link in our Portal. This was working  very good until now, but suddenly I can't open any of the course links with my iPad anymore.

The course was published for Articulate Mobile Player. When I tap on the link I only receive a message "Cannot download Content".

The strange thing is, that our CMS delivers two sourses with the course link, a Portal (PC) and an App (iOS). On the pc the courses can be still opended, whereas in the App I always get the error message since a few days.


Any suggestions what could be wrong? The internet connection is ok, we checked this.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Stefanie!

I'm sorry you're running into that error message – let's get that fixed!

It looks like the Articulate Mobile Player app will display the error below if it can't access course files on your hosting server.

Cannot Download Content: Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more of the files cannot be found.

If your internet connection is stable, then perhaps one or more expected files were moved, deleted, or not uploaded to the server?

In terms of next steps:

  • Please try to upload the published output to the server again
  • Turn the iPad off and then back on again

If you continue to see that same error, can you post the .story file here? I'd be happy to upload and test the course on my end. You can also send the file to me privately, if you prefer!