Articulate Mobile Player for Android Not "Resuming" Course?


I have a user who is accessing Articulate Storyline 2 course content on a Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

The user has successfully installed the Articulate Mobile Player for Android which successfully launches and plays content. The AMP for Android integrates with my LMS (TalentLMS) via TinCan and accurately tracks user progress.

The problem occurs if the user exits the course prior to completing all content in the course (which happens a lot as some courses are 3-4 hours long). When the user attempts to access the course again AMP for Android just starts the content from the first page and DOES NOT give the user the option to "Resume from where they left off".

I have checked and the "Resume" option is set on the Player, and the "Resume" functionality works on PCs/AMP for iPad.

Any clues? Is there a special trick on AMP for Android to make it "Resume" rather than "Restart"?



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