Articulate Mobile Player Issue


I have created a lesson in SL2 and have published it for download on mobile devices (offline use). When I open the AMP file link from Articulate Mobile player on iPad, AMP is unable to download the file. Here is the link:

Can anyone please help?


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Fazal Khan

Hi Leslie
Thank you for your reply. Actually the problem is a bit perplexing.

I have about 8 lessons stored in my AMP. They used to play just fine until recently. Today, after I managed to upload my most recent lesson, I realised that the sound wasn't playing. I checked the volume settings on the iPad - they were all ok. I then started checking the other stored lessons. The sounds didn't play until I played one particular lesson and the sound came back. I then reopened the other stored lessons and they all started to play the sounds.

So, as of now, the sound is working. And if it doesn't play then I know I need to run that one particular lesson to make it work.

Why this happens , I have no clue :)

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