Articulate Mobile Player plays audio, but not video

Jul 22, 2016

I have embedded one of my own YouTube videos into a slide as a web object. It plays fine on computers, but on my Galaxy S7 Edge, the Articulate Mobile Player will only play the audio and the video remains black. If I tap and go fullscreen with it, the video slows down with both audio and video becoming choppy and unviewable. Has anyone else run into a similar problem and, if so, how do you solve it?

Thanks in advance.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Gary -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! While I do not have a Galaxy S7 Edge for testing purposes, I would be happy to check it out on my iPad Air 2 and my Nexus tablet to see if I encounter the same behavior. If you would like to share your file privately, here is the form you would need to send that along! 

Gary Bartanus

Hi Christie,

Thank you for getting back to me and offering to look at the story file. However, I don't think that will be necessary because, according to this thread, it is a problem that has been around for awhile and it appears to remain unresolved.

I am looking at a possible workaround; however, I do hope that the next update of Storyline includes a solution to this problem.

Although the desktop player works reasonably well, there really should be a way for the Articulate Mobile Player to play YouTube videos without having to open them in another tab/window. Using the appropriate YouTube parameters, one can then stop the video at any predesignated time and then show a layer with a question for students to respond to.  But this is only feasible if the video plays in the Mobile Player itself.

Anyway, thanks again for getting back to me. Articulate has a very useful product in Storyline and I hope the next version is even better.

Kristi Riley

Is this issue resolved in 360? Or is it simply an issue with the mobile player? I love, love, love Storyline, but things like this are frustrating. The whole world has gone mobile, and if we as designers can't deliver in a mobile environment, then our clients and end users suffer. Please, please put more effort into a solution. Thank you!

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