Articulate Mobile Player - Tin Can

I just saw that the Articulate Mobile Player has an update for today that enables it to support Tin Can.  My LMS does not yet support this - SuccessFactors will get there one day soon I hope...

When publishing content in Storyline, is there anything different that will need to be done, or was Storyline set up ahead of the curve to prepare for this?


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Todd Thornton

I would like to know more about Articulates plans as to how they see Tin Can fitting in with Storyline/other products. At one time, the Tin Can website listed Articulate as an adopter, but then it said something like "mobile only". I don't think it says that now, but I mention this in the context of my current evaluations of LMS systems for a potential move. Moodle is moving away from specific "app" development to a generic HTML 5 approach. Other LMS systems are focusing heavily on the apps for specific devices and/or operating systems. I guess I could summarize my questions as follows.

1) Will Tin Can be supported only in apps, mobile, or entirely throughout the Articulate lineup?

If it's only going to be used on mobile, IMHO that will be a problem. Most people today are using their LMS for storing scores, but if you try to use a new Learning Record Store (LRS) to incorporate records from a variety of systems having some things show up on it and other that don't (depending on which device you used to access) will be confusing.

2) If an LMS system uses their own apps for access, how will an "articulate app inside an LMS app" work? Is there a potential for conflicts between the two systems?


Andrew Sellon

How funny--I posted a query about Tin Can two hours ago, when I noted that my Mobile Player offered me an updated version that says it has Tin Can and Articulate Online support.  Looking forward to hearing more details, that's for sure.  It should be forthcoming any time now, since they've released the app update.

Dave Mozealous

Hi All,

Yeah, our update to the Articulate Mobile Player will add support for Tin Can and Articulate Online reporting, but it requires an update to Storyline to publish with those features enabled.  That update to Storyline should go live within the next week or so.

To answer your questions:

1. Tin Can API support will work across Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player, so you can start on your desktop, and pick up where you left off in the Articulate Mobile Player on your iPad (resume works across all the outputs).

2. We will be releasing more documentation and information about it once we release the Storyline update.