Articulate Online quiz - help randomizing questions, selecting different answers

Sep 30, 2016


I'm fairly new to Storyline 2. I tried using a template I downloaded to create this quiz, but can't figure out why most of the answers have to be A) in order to work. The answers seem connected to certain letters. If I randomize a question, it won't do that function properly and will select an incorrect answer. I've looked at the slide triggers and can't figure out where the error is occuring or how to change it. I've attached the file here. Can someone please help? As I wasn't the original creator of this template, I'm not sure how it was configured or how to change the setting that is causing these problems. I'm also not sure why the passing score is 80 when you get 100% of the questions right. Thank you for your time/help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carla,

I'd be happy to help! Take a look at your "Feedback" layer on each slide. Notice how it says Change state of btn-1 - "Oval" to Correct when the timeline starts? That is the trigger that is making answer choice "A" change to the Correct state on every slide.

If you want to choose a different correct answer, make adjustments to the triggers in the Feedback layer on each slide. 

Best of luck to you on the rest of your project!

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