Articulate Player app accessbility

My colleague is using Articulate Storyline 2 to create web-based training modules about web accessibility (of all things). He was careful to make the content of the training accessible. However, when we try to view the content on a mobile device (e.g., iPhone or iPad), the Articulate Player app does not allow access to any of the content with VoiceOver. When VoiceOver is turned on, none of the content or navigational buttons are identified or even able to be activated by touch, strangely enough (With VoiceOver turned off, one can activate the navigational buttons as normal).


Any suggestions for being able to play these training modules on an iOS or other mobile device? FYI - we haven’t yet tested the training modules on an Android device.


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Matthew Bibby

This is because SL2 is only accessible when viewing the Flash output and using JAWS16 with Internet Explorer 11 as noted here. 

SL3 and SL360 have added support for the HTML5 output when using JAWS 16 with IE11, Chrome and Firefox as noted here.

They don't support other screen readers (even though they may work).