Articulate Player vs Bluetooth problem


When I disconnect my wireless Sony headphones (putting them off) my Ipad will automatically switch to the internal speaker.

The Articulate Player seems to be ''stuck'' in bluetooth mode, i.e. I will hear my modules when my wireless headphones are on but no sound if I put them off???

Before you ask, I have tried the following:

- uninstalled and reinstalled the player app on my Ipad

-tried the course on my PC - sound works.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Luc -- Sorry to hear you are having difficulties here! Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have encountered that question or issue previously, so I will need to defer to the community to assist your further. You are also welcome to reach out to our Support Staff to see if they may have some additional suggestions you can try aside from the troubleshooting steps you have already listed above.