Articulate - Publish Versions 1,2,3 to XAPI 1.0

I inherited a project that supports versions 1, 2, and 3 of storylines. We are trying to switch LRS providers, however when sending statements to the new LRS we are getting errors related to them not supporting xapi version .95. So what I wanted to know is there a way to easily see what version a file is using and will it be possible for us to update all of our courses to xapi version 1.0? 

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Joshua Dunbar

Hi David!

You can find version information by unzipping the xapi bundle and locating the tincan.xml. If you open the .xml with TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (Windows) at the very first line you'll confirm if you are using 1.0 or not. 

 Storyline 23 export version 1.0 xapi, and Storyline 1 exports version 0.9 xapi. If your courses are from Storyline 1 (i.e. version 0.9 xapi) you'll want to upgrade the original .story as outlined here

Hope that helps.