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I saw Articulate is releasing a new product called Replay. I purchased my Storyline about 6 months ago and have talked 3 other departments at the University into buying copies. One mentioned to me the other day that his copy is coming with a add-in called replay. Any chances Articulate will grandfather the rest of us in with a copy? Is it worth purchasing separately? It looked to me like it was just screen recording software and we already have that on Storyline. Is there something different about Replay that I am missing? I got the department to get me Storyline because it was supposed to be the total package rather than having to buy each system individually.

Any thoughts on the new program?

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Carmen Toro

Is Replay an good solution for creating videos and editing them without buying additional equipment and software?

I have Articulate Replay and our department was considering purchasing a video camera and video editing software but if Replay can do this then there is not need. Maybe all we need is the laptop with a Webcam, good microphone and perhaps video editing software but not the video camera. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am trying not to request equipment and software that is not necessary. Thanks!

Rob Morgan

I can tell you what I have used it for and that might help. When someone in our institution emails me a question about a piece of software (ie. how do I create a editable form in Word) I use replay to record a quick demonstration on how to do it. I use the webcam on my computer to record myself and I use the replay screen recording functionality to record the system. When I am done recording I can do some very basic transitions and add simple text boxes to the video. But that is primarily all it is for. If I wanted to do any type of video editing I would use a separate video editor. For example, I will occasionally use windows movie maker do some basic editing of the screencast I created. The video from REPLAY is saved as a MP4.

I do not really consider REPLAY a video editor, or at the most it is a very most it is a very basic editor. But I find it very helpful for quick and easy screencasts. I would compare it to SCREENr, Camtasia, or Screen-cast-o-matic and not a video editor like movie maker, iMovie or Final Cut.

Joe D

I have a question.  I am having trouble imiporting a Replay video into Storyline as it says in the FAQ.  It says it does not recognize it.  Can someone explain how to do this?  Rob mentioned it saves as an MP4 file, however mine are all saving as .replay without an option to change it. 

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!