Articulate Request - Aligning Radio Buttons in Quiz Question with first line of responses

Jul 13, 2017


I have a client who has lengthy responses (single select options) for their quiz questions. When the response spans over two or three lines, the radio button aligns to the center of the two/three lines versus aligning with the first line of the response. The feedback we have received from clients is that this looks sloppy. Can we request that Articulate fix the quiz features to allow users to align radio buttons to the first line of the response?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for sharing that feedback here! I can see how it would be a difference in design choice to have the buttons placed differently than you see it now - as it stands now, even with long text the buttons are spaced evenly apart and you wouldn't have them grouped closer together with shorter text in a set of answers. 

If you'd like to also share your thoughts as a Feature request here that's always helpful for our tracking purposes!  If you’re wondering what happens when you submit a feature request, here’s our process.

In the meantime, have you looked at creating this question using a pick one/many freeform? That way you could determine the exact location of text boxes in relation to their radio buttons. It would change the ability to use things like the automatic shuffle, but perhaps that's less of a concern? 

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