Articulate Rise/Articulate 360 - SL BLOCK

Hey guys, 

We are Storyline 2 users, currently trailing Rise/360 and Captivate 9. The responsive nature of Rise is excellent, though we hope to take advantage of the SL Block in Rise too - as this is a key feature for us.

One concern, we've noticed on a test, there is an odd play skin for the video. It looks like there are play buttons on a black background. We are wondering is there a way of amending this, or add a thumbnail screen with instructional text for the Storyline Block within Rise? I've attached a screengrab.




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Crystal Horn

Hey Ian.    Thanks for giving Articulate 360 a spin!  What you're seeing on your iPad is the responsive player for Storyline 360.  When you view a Storyline interaction in Rise on your mobile device, you'll see the responsive player.

The learner will launch the Storyline interaction by tapping the play button.  Current iOS versions have disabled automatic playback of media, so the launch page collects the learner's "permission" to play that Storyline content.

I think you've got an interesting poster frame idea, though, so I'm going to submit a feature request on your behalf!