Articulate SCORM on Moodle Desktop


We have a problem with getting Articulate published to SCORM to get to work on Moodle desktop

We are already using Moodle Mobile where it works

But in the Moodle desktop the SCORM just get stuck loading, see attached. Any ideas why this is happening?

In principle, it is the same type of app, and the same procedure to enable the app functionality in Moodle





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Katie Riggio

Hi, Johan. Sorry to hear you're hitting this snag in Moodle Desktop!

Since the content works correctly in the Moodle app, I would then touch base with your LMS team to let them know about this behavior. They may be able to give better insight into what the LMS is trying to tell us in that environment.

If their insight points to an issue with Storyline's output, feel free to reach out to our Support Team with the .story file. We'll give it a test and let you know what we find, as it's the best way for us to narrow down what's happening.

Keep us posted on what you and your LMS team find. We're ready to help!

Johan Bolmsten

Thanks for the reply,

We have tested to run the articulate e-lesson in the Moodle desktop app
both through our own Moodle installation and through Moodlecloud.

Still the same result though.

It appears as the E-Lesson launches in Moodle, but then get stuck once the
Articulate initiation screen appears (see attached).

Would you be able to confirm that the Moodle desktop app works at all with
Articulate E-Lessons, with any e-lesson?



Katie Riggio

Appreciate your follow-up, Johan. I see you also reached out to our Support Engineers regarding this behavior – brilliant move! 

After some digging, your experience seems to be related to an open bug in Moodle logged here:

For next steps: You could enable LMS debug mode to capture the communication flowing back and forth between Moodle and your Storyline course. Then, share that data with your LMS administrator. This information should help them quickly nail down the culprit.

Please keep me and Vevette posted, and we're here if you need anything along the way!