Articulate Simulation

Hi Guys,

I am working on a articulate storyline, I have created few slides which has some continues animation which is linked to each slide, when I published all these these slides should to be played on one page, and all these slides should have one single seekbar.  But ever I publish each slide has separate seekbar.

Can anyone help me in sorting this.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Archana and welcome to Heroes!

Each slide will have it's own seekbar and it'll look to start from the beginning when you visit the slide - so if you're looking to have a seekbar or progress bar that indicates the users progress throughout the entire course you may want to use one of the custom progress bars indicated in this thread. 

Hope that helps! 

Archana D

Thanks Ashely,

I am not looking for the progress bars.

Actually I have created a storyline which has some static slides at the beginning and from 4th slide till 10th slide there is some animation, I would like to show these slides as one slide which I am able to do. At the same time I want one seekbar which will play for all these slides. When I publish it  4 to 10 slides is played on one slide and seekbars are showing  for each slide.

I want one seekbar for multiple slides. Please suggest.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Archana,

I may not be understanding your set up - when you mention you're able to show them as one slide, do you mean that the user doesn't have to interact with it and it just automatically advances? Since the animations all still exist as an individual slide, that's what the seekbar is referring to. There is not a way to use the built in seekbar to show advancement between slides or across slides - which is why I suggested a more custom progress bar approach. If you can include all the animations on one actual slide, or maybe on layers on a slide - you'd be able to use the seekbar for that one slide