Articulate SL 360, items start reformatting automatically when I click format.

Hi everyone,

I have a very odd issue.

When I click on an item: shape, illustration photo, text box etc.  to  reformat it the width starts to reduce automatically until it hits zero and then it reverses and expands automatically and it won't stop until I get out of 'format'. But when I go back in it starts again.  Even if I delete the items and add a new items it starts again on them, they seem to have a mind of their own!  The only way to stop it so I can do some work and not lose all the work I have already laid out is to close the program down completely. When I reopen the problem has dissappeared, until it appears again, at random.

Has anyone else had this weird problem.  Thank you.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi CC,

How interesting! The shapes sound like they do have a mind of their own. While I haven't seen any reports about this behavior, I am happy to help dive in! 

Does this happen in other projects or just a specific file? Also, when working in Storyline, are you creating projects locally? I do want to mention that when working on a network drive or an external USB drive, this can cause erratic behavior to occur. We have a great guide that provides some further details on this here

If the behavior reappears, may I ask if you could share a Peek of what you are seeing? 

Ang CM

Hi Vincent, Thank you appreciate it. I finally had time to make a screen cast. I can also send the SL file if that helps, not sure I can upload here, (edit: I have now uploaded it via support ticket) so will see if Articulate has a solution.  It's random, just starts up on its own, not unique to a particular project.

Yes I am creating them locally.  I  added a review link so you can see the problem. Notice the 'x' axis at the top just moves on its own when you select anything. And it just keeps on moving disappearing from the story set up. And it doesn't stop. If I deselect it starts again when I select, and if I delete it is still there on other objects.

I closed and reopened and now the  objects are all appearing on one long extended slide.

Example: if I click slide 1.1. everything on 1.2. 1.3 etc. appears on it distributed across a large horizontal area and  nothing is actually on the story set up area or confined to it. Very strange.

Many thanks.