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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sergio,

I did try publishing and previewing and both worked fine. I selected publish for LMS as that was the default setting when I opened it, and I've attached it here.

Can you tell me what update of Storyline you're using? We're currently on Update 10 

Have you looked at confirming the elements I mentioned above? Have you gone through the repair steps here? 

Crystal Horn

Hi Sergio.  I tested your project in Windows 10, Storyline 2 Update 10.  I was able to reproduce your issue-- couldn't view the preview window in Player Properties (ERROR: Could not load the file 'story_content/data.xml'), and couldn't preview or publish the project (sorry, Storyline stopped working).

What version of Windows are you using?  I tested in Windows 8 and I did not have an issue performing those functions.  It looks like Windows 10 is the environment where it occurs.

Our QA report had this possible solution:
1) Go to the Control Panel.
2) Go to Language.
3) Click Add a language.
4) Search Korean and click Add.
5) Restart the computer.
6) Publish the course again.

One other thing:  check out this knowledge base article about a similar error message; maybe that applies to you, as well.

Let us know the environment; I'm going to attach your experience to the QA report so that we can update you as soon as we get more information!