Articulate Story-line Output Formats

Hi All,

We want to promote the E-learning lessons we develop using storyline 2 on our local websites. We would like the learners to download these lessons on their phones/tablets and watch it anywhere and at anytime. But we also do not want to compel our users to download the Articulate Mobile Player on their devices.

We would like to publish our modules in any of the following formats like mp4, rmvb, flv etc.  

Is this possible ? If not could you please suggest us other alternatives on how we can improvise this situation.

Thank you.



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Subu Mv

HI Ashley,

This is the process we normally follow which helps the users access our lessons on their mobile devices online. However, our requirement is to enable them to download these lessons for offline use. So, we wanna know if there are any other alternatives to do this apart from compelling the users to download the Articulate Mobile Player App.

I also went through some of the other threads in which some people here have suggested using the screen recording option to record the output and then save it MP4. Although this is a good work around, it eliminates the user interactions included in the lessons when recorded and played as MP4.

Assistance in this regard will be much appreciated.