Articulate Storyline 1/2/3 feature request

One of the most glaring omissions in Storyline is a feature common to Adobe Captivate and other solutions, the ability to load an image / media file / audio file once into the course as a course asset, then link to it from multiple objects / slides / triggers throughout the course.

For example, one of the common focal areas for me is the development of business process and software change training courseware for large organizations. These courses contain multiple screen captures, which I add the zoom tool to, and linked software simulations (I prefer another tool for the playback of simulations than the embedded Storyline solution)

For the image zooming, I add a trigger to each image to also play a bleep sound when the image is zoomed, to provide feedback to the user that they click was acknowledge and give the course some pizzazz. In Storyline 1/2/3, we have to insert that same audio file on every slide in which the trigger plays it. In Captivate and other tools that audio file could be loaded as an asset and linked to from any object, slide or trigger we wished.

Enabling an asset library in storyline would result in a notable file size reduction, improving course responsiveness over a network, while also reducing the amount of manual work going into the build of each slide.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Alexander for the well written and explained request! An asset library is something that I've seen discussed here previously and I know other folks would want to see too. 

I went ahead and submitted this as an official Feature request for you. You may have seen the email confirmation already. You can always submit those Feature requests here.

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