Articulate Storyline 1 for Developing content For Iphone

Oct 27, 2014

I Planned to develop a course for iphone using articulate storyline 1, i just want to know does storyline 1 supports for iphone. If yes is there any restriction only for iphone, or it work fine as ipad.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Surya!

You can view the courses on iPhones, using the method above for publishing. Currently the Mobile App is optimized for iPads, so you will need to publish using HTML5 and use Mobile Safari.

The other link above has some information about mobile Safari's limitations, which could cause issues with viewing content on iPhones using Mobile Safari.

Cheryl Hoover


The only messages I can find on this topic are from a year ago. Has there been any updates on running storyline courses on iphones? 

Our LMS team specifically told us not to check the box for Articulate Mobile Player during publishing. I'm not sure why, and I'd never questioned this until getting complaints about mobile phone access. Is that still just for iPads? 

Thanks very much, Cheryl

Cheryl Hoover

Thank you, Leslie. It sounds like I'm okay for the majority of users with the html5 setting. Users who've attempted a course on their phone or iPad and had problems switched to a pc with Google Chrome no longer had the same problem. I was hoping maybe I missed something that would have corrected the issues. 

Thanks again for your quick response.

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