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We are wondering why the story.html5 output is having issues displaying correctly in Chrome 48 on PC only.

The package is sitting inside of Desire to Learn LMS and is showing the following issue:

Flashing, almost like it is constantly trying to resize the object. 

Has anyone out there had this issue ?

I understand that common practice is to deploy the story.html and rely on the auto-redirect which points to the story.html5 version upon device recognition. 


But I am wondering why the story.html5 version is not working in chrome by default as well. I the .html5 version only compatible for mobile devices and not desktop ?


Thanks in advance.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Riccardo -- Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for your troubles, as well! It would be appreciated if either your or Nick could share the files where you are running into difficulties so I can do some testing on my end to see if I encounter the same behavior. If you cannot share your file here in the thread, you are welcome to use this form to share privately

Christie Pollick

Hi, Nick -- I appreciate your follow up and I look forward to checking out your file! As you can see here in our System Requirements sheet within the Viewing Content Section, it sounds like you are viewing content in a supported way, so that is what we'll need to track down:

Viewing Content

Content Format

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later, and one of the following browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later
Apple iOS Articulate Mobile Player in Apple iOS 7 or later on iPad
Android OS Articulate Mobile Player in Android OS 4.1 or later (optimized for tablets)


I will reply via email within your support ticket with my findings as soon as I am able. Your patience is appreciated! 

Christie Pollick

Hello, All -- I just wanted to stop in and share an update on Nick's case from our Support team, as it may help others who come across this post in the future seeking assistance.

Our engineer, Jayem, suggested the following, as it appeared in screencasts provided that the html5 version was continually trying to adjust its size while in his LMS environment. Based on that observation, here are the proposed workarounds:

"Try adjusting the Player size property from "Scale player to fill browser window" to "Lock player at optimal size"? This option can be found by going to Home > Player > Other.

Launch the project in its own environment. To do this, please go to Home > Player > Other and check the "Launch player in new window". When trying this method, please double-check with your LMS administrator if the tracking will still work."

Christie Pollick

In addition to the update shared on Nick's case, below is the response that was sent to Riccardo, as provided by our Support Engineer, Miker. Hopefully these updates are helpful too others in the future! :)

"Hi, Riccardo -- When you use Google Chrome 44 (or later) to view Articulate Storyline HTML5 output, you may find that slide content is missing. This issue was fixed with the release of Storyline 2 Update 6 (and Update 7). 

To fix this issue in published courses, run the Articulate Updater for Chrome to automatically scan and update your course files. 

 Let me know if you need anything else!" 

Nick Petch

To complete this post I can report back that the proposed solution works

Desire 2 Learning has too many quirks / limitations to mention, but this
solution will restrict the size of your canvas as Desire 2 Learn only has a
maximum embed size of around 720px WIDE. Anything past this will activate
the horizontal scroll bar which is not ideal.

Many thanks to the articulate team for the fast results driven turn arounds.