Articulate Storyline 2 - How how disable Next button until linked slides have been visited

I want to disable the Next button in the player until all the linked slides to the main slide have been visited. For example, I have two images with triggers to two other slides on the main slide. When the learner visits the two linked slides and returns to the main slide, I want the Next button to become enabled. So are, it only works when the learner stays on the main slide and does not jump to other slides. Is this possible?

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Ron Price

Typically when you want to work across multiple slides for something like that, using variables provides for the easiest bombproof solution.

How comfortable are you with variables?

I would create a true/false for each topic with the default values being false. As they visit the topic slides create a trigger to adjust the variables to true.

On you main menu slide - add a trigger to change the next button to disabled when the timeline starts.  And then add another trigger to change the next button to normal when the timeline starts with conditions.  Those conditions being when each variable is equal to true.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Julie -- I see that Walt and Ron have provided some great suggestions, but I thought I would add the following, as well:

How to Temporarily Disable or Hide Navigation Buttons

Want to disable or hide the player navigation buttons until learners have finished interacting with a slide? Just add a trigger to change the state of the previous, next, or submit button. Choose from normal, disabled, and hidden states.

For example, let's say you want to disable the next button until the slide audio has finished playing. You'd add two triggers: one to disable the button when the slide starts and another to enable the button when the audio ends.